Friday, April 3, 2009

Yesterday Acid Mothers temple arrived.  It was great to see them all again.  Last night we recorded a radio session for KXLU radio.  They asked us to come back and play live on the radio the day after the tour finishes.  It finally starts for real tonight!  The wait has been ridiculous, but we've met some really awesome people in L.A..  We're now at Ben's from To Live and Shave in L.A..  His house rules, it's right next to Griffith Park.  If you walk down the street a little you can see the observatory.  It's really great to meet people who have the same outlook on life and go out of their way to give support to people they don't even know.  Ben said it was sort of like the underground railroad.  Soon I'll put up some pics of Ben's house and hopefully some video here or on youtube, and bore you with more ramblings.  NOW FACES MUST MELT!!!! 

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