Thursday, April 16, 2009

So I was apparently very wrong about the show in Montreal. Justin said it was amazing, and when we listened back it was pretty awesome. It was like we had written songs. Tonight in Boston was really awesome. We needed some help getting our minds right since we had just crossed the border. We tried the novel approach of putting out a note on our merch table expressing our needs. After we played this crazy looking guy with mountain climbers clips in his ears asks me if we've tried this before, and if it had worked. I told him it hadn't, but apparently this time it did. He even provided a written list of what was available! Incredible! Needless to say we were very pleased. Oh, and the show, it was nice. The club was smaller, but packed. The crowd was really into our set. Of to gay ass NYC tomorrow. I hate it there. I want to make someone cry tomorrow night.

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