Friday, April 24, 2009

Memphis was really awesome, even though I didn't plug my stuff in to start the show. We had a lot of friends come from Nashville. They all loved the show and are really excited about our show there to end our lil tour. Tsuyama played with us last night!!! It has been Sam's dream to play with him for 15 years so it was really special. We stayed with an old high school friend of Justin's last night. Her place was super plush, and in a somewhat gated comunity. In the morning I went out to the van to smoke a cigger and a lady came out on the phone describing the van and then saw me and said "and there's someone in one of the vans!" Then she walked away, as a car drove by with a guy in it stareing at me. I went inside and told Sam and Hiroshi that the police were on their way. After 20 minutes we diecided to get on the road as I still feared the arrival of a S.W.A.T team. Alas they didn't come, and we left. An hour later Justin calls and said he was woken up by Hiroshi telling him the police were downstairs. Hiroshi said when they walked in and saw these crazy looking Japanese guys they just started to laugh! They must have realized what had frightened the neighbors. Tonight Makoto plays with us!! It should be incredible.

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