Monday, April 27, 2009

The last two shows have been amazing. We played with Makoto and then our friend Chris in Austin. We were super loud and intense. I loved it. The crowd was into it too. It;s getting so close to the end. It sucks. But so many awesome things have been done and seen. It has ruled. Last night AMT played in a small house in Las Cruces. It was amazing!! Vinnie even played with them for one song. Lucky. Tonight we're in Tuscon in a club and we're not going to be paid!! Yes. Unbelievable. AMT is getting $100. That's $400 less than Spokane and as much as last night in a house full of kids. This place sucks, but they're keeping it "wierd". Anytime you have a campaign for something absurd like this it just means you're not really weird but trying to be weird because it's the cool thing to do in Tuscon. What a bunch of queer baits. Tuscon dies tonight for their transgressions. Pictures soon.

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