Saturday, April 18, 2009

No one cried, except maybe us after a four hour trip turned into eight with the awesome New York traffic. It sucked, especially because we can't smoke cigarettes in the van. I wanted one so bad! The first band was horrendous! Totally out of place. They were like a 70's rock band. Their lead singer wore a german airforce hat and sun glasses! We were a departure. We played with a guest guitarist and trumpet player. The show was intense. Really fast and really loud! The crowd loved it. My cousin Josh came, but missed us play. He did get to see this drunk kid totally freak out when he realized I was in the "second band". During this very quiet part in AMT's set he asks if he can leave the club through the backstage. I tell him sure and he's then asks if I was in the second band. I tell him yes, and he proceeds in a very loud voice to tell me that we were the sickest thing that happened there all night. I imagine at least the entire back of the club heard this kid. Oh, and he bought two CD's which his girlfriend told me were safely tucked inside her purse. SO AWESOME!!! Philly tomorrow, no traffic....Please. Then we're home for 2 1/2 days!!! Kitties!

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