Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rock Seat Ay?

Totally crushed Detroit last night. The crowd wasn't so big but the kids in front really loved us. There was an opening band called Sik Sik Nation. Wow. They were horrible! The lead singer had all these awesome rock star moves that he used even when he was sound checking. In ma couple months they'll probably be huge. Makoto broke his guitar in Cleveland and had to borrow the Nations guitar. When we went to ask them the lead singer thought that Acid Mothers loved their set so much that they were going to ask them to open the rest of the tour!! They didn't love them. So now weez beez in Toronto and tomorrow Montreal. The band is getting really tight now, and we've got some really good recordings for our next record. I promise pictures soon, video may have to wait until I get to D.C. this weekend

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