Monday, May 4, 2009

It's all over.... Sucky, but not as sucky as this blog. Sorry you wasted your time. San Diego was awesome. Greg came to the show since the steps had brought him out to the left coast. After the show we stayed with AMT's friend Eric. Such an awesome guy and a Pride fan!!! We met so many great people on this tour and even though they'll never read this, I want to thank them. People can really be amazing, a few of them at least. After San Diego we started our trek back with one final show in Nashville. # long drives and we were in Nashville. It was wierd to just be somewhere with no plans and no need to hop back in the van. The next day we went to an Indian buffet. A bad idea for me. Upon our return to our friends house I got really sick. Lots of dry heaving!! I've only felt that bad one other time. I didn't think I was going to be able to play our last show. But after an hour nap, a miracle happened and I felt better. I hopped in the shower threw up some more, and went off to mind crush some rednecks. The show was amazing, an incredible way to end the tour. 3 sax players a guitar player!!!!!!!!!! We played a super droned out set. It fucking awesome. Now eyez beez hizzy. One more show in NYC this weekend with a famous jazz musician from Germany named Peter Brotzmann. I'll post the last set of pics today or tomorrow and just wait for the sweet pic I got to end this thang. True euro steee low

Monday, April 27, 2009

AMT in Baltimore

Philly stuff and the Bardo Pond house in philly

Boston House stuff

The last two shows have been amazing. We played with Makoto and then our friend Chris in Austin. We were super loud and intense. I loved it. The crowd was into it too. It;s getting so close to the end. It sucks. But so many awesome things have been done and seen. It has ruled. Last night AMT played in a small house in Las Cruces. It was amazing!! Vinnie even played with them for one song. Lucky. Tonight we're in Tuscon in a club and we're not going to be paid!! Yes. Unbelievable. AMT is getting $100. That's $400 less than Spokane and as much as last night in a house full of kids. This place sucks, but they're keeping it "wierd". Anytime you have a campaign for something absurd like this it just means you're not really weird but trying to be weird because it's the cool thing to do in Tuscon. What a bunch of queer baits. Tuscon dies tonight for their transgressions. Pictures soon.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Memphis was really awesome, even though I didn't plug my stuff in to start the show. We had a lot of friends come from Nashville. They all loved the show and are really excited about our show there to end our lil tour. Tsuyama played with us last night!!! It has been Sam's dream to play with him for 15 years so it was really special. We stayed with an old high school friend of Justin's last night. Her place was super plush, and in a somewhat gated comunity. In the morning I went out to the van to smoke a cigger and a lady came out on the phone describing the van and then saw me and said "and there's someone in one of the vans!" Then she walked away, as a car drove by with a guy in it stareing at me. I went inside and told Sam and Hiroshi that the police were on their way. After 20 minutes we diecided to get on the road as I still feared the arrival of a S.W.A.T team. Alas they didn't come, and we left. An hour later Justin calls and said he was woken up by Hiroshi telling him the police were downstairs. Hiroshi said when they walked in and saw these crazy looking Japanese guys they just started to laugh! They must have realized what had frightened the neighbors. Tonight Makoto plays with us!! It should be incredible.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

North Carolina wasn't so great. There weren't good stage monitors so I had a hard time hearing myself. I was also having trouble with Sam's drums. I was only getting a tinny cymbal sound. It sucked! Not a very good show on my part. Tonight in Atlanta was much better. I actually set my equipment up in the exact same spot my most favorite artist Shannon Wright did when I saw her play here!! I was so excited! I don't know why the font changed, maybe cause I'm so geeked about this stupid thing. I thought the show was awesome. Makoto told us it was very powerful. It is Tsuyama's birthday today. 51 years old. They brought him a cake on stage. Their show was amazing! Like always. Memphis tomorrow, maybe Graceland!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So it's really almost over. GAY!!! Baltimore was really great. Not such a great turnout but The Ottobar rules. They have a secret door that leads to a separate house that is the green room. Super cool. I also had the unfortunate pleasure of running into my old roommate. AWESOME! Wow he sucks, but I think he got the unspoken message that I want nothing to do with him. Off to NC today. Maybe our dancer Ginger will join us tonight. Ta ta

Monday, April 20, 2009

Just Chillin

Wow it's nice to be able to just stop and hang out in one place for a day or two. Last night was great. We got to see a lot of friends, which was really nice. Today was super lazy most of us didn't get up until after 10. I made some catfish for lunch. Everyone enjoyed it. Don't want to write anymore. Lates


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Live in L.A.

Pics from Boston

Back home for a second

So we got back to D.C. this afternoon. Damn Philly rules. I love it there so much! We sold 60 bucks worth of cd's. Crazy. We played with Ed our guitarist friend and Elliot Levin a famous sax player. It was intense. Justin said he tried to sleep but we made him come outside and watch.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Here's is some video from the AMT Spokane show, and an incredible record player that was in a house we stayed in, in Boston. There may be more uploaded this morning so keep an eye out.
No one cried, except maybe us after a four hour trip turned into eight with the awesome New York traffic. It sucked, especially because we can't smoke cigarettes in the van. I wanted one so bad! The first band was horrendous! Totally out of place. They were like a 70's rock band. Their lead singer wore a german airforce hat and sun glasses! We were a departure. We played with a guest guitarist and trumpet player. The show was intense. Really fast and really loud! The crowd loved it. My cousin Josh came, but missed us play. He did get to see this drunk kid totally freak out when he realized I was in the "second band". During this very quiet part in AMT's set he asks if he can leave the club through the backstage. I tell him sure and he's then asks if I was in the second band. I tell him yes, and he proceeds in a very loud voice to tell me that we were the sickest thing that happened there all night. I imagine at least the entire back of the club heard this kid. Oh, and he bought two CD's which his girlfriend told me were safely tucked inside her purse. SO AWESOME!!! Philly tomorrow, no traffic....Please. Then we're home for 2 1/2 days!!! Kitties!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So I was apparently very wrong about the show in Montreal. Justin said it was amazing, and when we listened back it was pretty awesome. It was like we had written songs. Tonight in Boston was really awesome. We needed some help getting our minds right since we had just crossed the border. We tried the novel approach of putting out a note on our merch table expressing our needs. After we played this crazy looking guy with mountain climbers clips in his ears asks me if we've tried this before, and if it had worked. I told him it hadn't, but apparently this time it did. He even provided a written list of what was available! Incredible! Needless to say we were very pleased. Oh, and the show, it was nice. The club was smaller, but packed. The crowd was really into our set. Of to gay ass NYC tomorrow. I hate it there. I want to make someone cry tomorrow night.

From Cleveland

La Sala Rosa, Montreal

This can only takes cupcakes, cheese, coffee, chicken legs, steaks, and animal feces

I wonder if you keep feeding the green one, does it grow up to be the blue one?

Me and Sam opened a restaurant

My new friend, found in the trash in the empty apartment

Makoto and Hiroshi in the empty apartment we got to stay in, in Detroit

Justin, Vinnie, and Sam outside Magic Stick in Detroit

Americans don't make wimpy hand dryers

This cat lives inside the club in Chicago

AMT in a record store in Madison

Guess we're stopping somewhere else