Monday, May 4, 2009

It's all over.... Sucky, but not as sucky as this blog. Sorry you wasted your time. San Diego was awesome. Greg came to the show since the steps had brought him out to the left coast. After the show we stayed with AMT's friend Eric. Such an awesome guy and a Pride fan!!! We met so many great people on this tour and even though they'll never read this, I want to thank them. People can really be amazing, a few of them at least. After San Diego we started our trek back with one final show in Nashville. # long drives and we were in Nashville. It was wierd to just be somewhere with no plans and no need to hop back in the van. The next day we went to an Indian buffet. A bad idea for me. Upon our return to our friends house I got really sick. Lots of dry heaving!! I've only felt that bad one other time. I didn't think I was going to be able to play our last show. But after an hour nap, a miracle happened and I felt better. I hopped in the shower threw up some more, and went off to mind crush some rednecks. The show was amazing, an incredible way to end the tour. 3 sax players a guitar player!!!!!!!!!! We played a super droned out set. It fucking awesome. Now eyez beez hizzy. One more show in NYC this weekend with a famous jazz musician from Germany named Peter Brotzmann. I'll post the last set of pics today or tomorrow and just wait for the sweet pic I got to end this thang. True euro steee low

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